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Republic P-47 Thunderbolt


Plane type: Single-seat Long-range fighter or fighter-bomber

Manufacturer: Republic

Crew: 1 (pilot)


Length: 36ft  1 and 3/16 in. (11 meters)

Height: 14ft 2in (4.3 meters)

Wingspan: 40ft  9 and 5/16in (12.4 meters)

Wing Area: 300 sq. ft (27.9 sq. m)


- P-47B: 1 x Wright R-2800-21 eighteen cylinder radial air-cooled engine @ 2000 h.p.

- P-47C, P-47D, various experimentals: some no change, some Pratt & Whitney R-2800-59 @ 2300 h.p.

- P-47M: 1 x  Pratt & Whitney R-2800-59 @ 2300 h.p. or Pratt & Whitney R-2800-57 @ 2800 h.p.

Weights (P-47D)

Empty: 10700 lbs (4853 kg)

Weight loaded: 12500 lbs (5675 kg)

Maximum loaded weight: 19400 lbs (8800 kg)

Armament (P-47D)

- 8 x 50 cal. machine-guns, four in each wing. Electrically fired.

Bomb load: 2 x 1000 lb bombs, one under each wing + 1 x 500 lb bomb under fuselage

Rockets: 10 x 5in aircraft rockets may be carried

MAXIMUM ARMAMENT LOAD BESIDES GUNS (rockets, bombs, etc:): 2500 lbs

Performance (P-47D)

Maximum speed: 440 mph (704 Km/h) @ 29000 ft (8850 m)

Ceiling: over 40000 ft (12200 m)


    A rugged aircraft, the Thunderbolt was excellent at ground attack. Weighing in at nearly 7 tons with thick armor plating and a heavily-armored engine, the P-47 could withstand massive damage from Axis anti-aircraft guns. It was also useful in dog fighting, but was most famous for its ground attack capability. The addition of drop-tanks could enable it to escort the bombers all the away to Berlin and back, but by the end of the war, most of the Allied AF's had switched to using the P-51 Mustang.


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A Republic P-47D 514th Fighter Squadron 406th Fighter Group 9th Air Force USAAF - Italy 1944


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